Some people, companies and products grow and become influential brands within a short period of time, while others remain invisible to the public eye despite all their efforts. How do they do it with almost no money? Syncfluence shows why you don’t have to burn cash to become influential, and also makes you deeply introspective about whom to influence, when and how.

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Is your marketing in sync or sinking?

What is being in sync? Why do some individuals, corporations, institutions, consulting companies and startups succeed, while others fade away?

“Is your marketing in sync or sinking?” is a book that makes you deeply introspective about the marketing principles you are currently pursuing and check if you are really in sync with your organizational goals, customers and reality.

Yaagneshwaran Ganesh has based the book on many hours of research, discussions and interviews with successful industry practitioners, business leaders, academic experts, management gurus, consultants and more.

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Understanding Dark Data in the context of Customer Experience

In the race to offer a great customer experience, we tend to analyze customer data so much. But, in due course we tend to miss checking in every now and then if at all we are looking at all the relevant data, or does it end up becoming “dark data”? questions, Yaagneshwaran Ganesh, Director of Marketing, Fiind Inc.

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Why We Should Be Regulating Technology Instead Of Resisting It

Over the years, technological advancements have come a long way. Artificial intelligence, blockchain and the internet of things are improving customer experience and making marketing and sales more scientific than ever with customer intent data, fit data, trends, patterns and more.

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Getting IoT and Social Media Marketing in Sync

IoT is moving marketing into the next phase, especially if it is well integrated with social media. For instance, consider a situation in which a customer is having a poor experience with your product,  that could trigger an alert to your social listening team and they could get in touch with the customer to help…

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