Yaagneshwaran Ganesh (often called as “Yaag”) is among the Top 100 Global Martech Influencers, Marketing Concierge at Freshworks, a TEDx speaker, member of Forbes Council and author of 5 books, with the latest one titled “Syncfluence”.

He has been a speaker across business forums such as CII Young Indians, Chamber of Commerce Netherlands, Kerala Startup Mission (Initiative by Govt of Kerala), and academic institutions such as IITs, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and more.

Yaag’s recent books include:
“Syncfluence” – released August 2017.
“Is your marketing in sync or sinking?” – released January 2016.

He is an active member of the startup ecosystem and is part of the Google for Entrepreneurs initiative “Startup Weekend”, thus being a sounding board for startups in APAC and Europe.

Yaag also writes columns for HuffingtonPost, Forbes, Martech Series, Martech Advisor, dtNEXT, Techstory, ManagementNext and has been a regular blogger on RonSela.com, the thought leader on marketing practices.

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Here are some topics that I focus on. I’m also flexible to speak on areas close to the list below and customize them according to the audience.


  • Marketing crossing borders
  • Is your marketing in sync or sinking?
  • The role of social media in customer retention
  • Influence of technology in marketing
  • Marketing has changed, have you?
  • Martech landscape and where are we headed?


  • What does leadership mean to you?
  • Never set goals, it’s not worth it
  • Collaboration

Panel Discussions







What topics does Yaagneshwaran speak on ?

Yaagneshwaran speaks on Marketing, Leadership and Social Media.

Will you customize your speech for our organization/conference?

Definitely. Yaagneshwaran always customizes his content based on your needs. We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all content. We’ve sometimes spent several days designing, researching and preparing for a single event.

How long are your “typical” talks?

Yaagneshwaran’s talks range from 18 minutes (TED style) to 90 minutes for keynotes.  The timing can be customized.

Does Yaagneshwaran pick on the audience volunteers? Embarrass them?

Never. Also he never asks people to do anything that is embarrassing or awkward.

What kind of humor does Yaagneshwaran use ?

Yaagneshwaran uses only clean, non-offensive humor.

What if we want Yaagneshwaran to speak on a topic that’s not listed on the website ?

Sure, we can definitely discuss it.However, Yaagneshwaran will need more time to prepare, and there may be an additional fee, depending on how intensive the topic is. Kindly make sure that you make a note of it on the speaker booking form.

How will we know if Yaagneshwaran is free for the dates we’ve chosen ?

Please fill out the speaker request form and you should hear back from his team shortly after you submit the form.

Can we talk to Yaagneshwaran before booking ?

Of course and it is important. He would be happy to schedule a telephonic call.

Does Yaagneshwaran speak internationally ?

Yes, he does. International speaking events may require visas or other legal paperwork to be completed. Please allow sufficient time to apply for and receive those, and be willing to supply the documentation necessary for the application.

How far in advance do we need to book Yaagneshwaran ?

The sooner, the more likely he will be able to speak at your event. We suggest at least a month in advance. If it is short notice, he will do his best to accommodate you, however, please understand that his schedule is often set far in advance.

What happens if there is a cancellation ?

If Yaagneshwaran is unable to speak due to an emergency or illness, he will arrange with you to change the date or find a replacement speaker for you. Your deposit will be refunded in full if he cancels the speaking engagement.


If you have to stay overnight, do we need to book your accommodation ?

Yes, please. When Yaagneshwaran spends the night away from home he needs a good place to rest, sleep and prepare.


What are your speaking fees like ?

It depends on the type of talk, the size of your organization, and other details. When you have submitted the speaker booking form, you will get an email and/or phone call to discuss this.

What other expenses can we expect if we hire Yaagneshwaran ?

Other expenses would be travel and accommodation.

But we are an educational institution and can’t afford to pay !

Yaagneshwaran does not charge professional fees to educational institutions for guest lectures. However, the travel and accommodation expenses would have to be borne by the institution if applicable. Longer workshops require more time and effort on Yaagneshwaran’s part and will have a cost attached to it.

Will Yaagneshwaran be available for book signings after his talk ?

Yes, Yaagneshwaran will be happy to stay back to sign books. Organizers can order his books in advance.

What if I have other event-related questions that are not covered here ?

No problem. We’ll be happy to assist you with any additional information you might need. Please contact us at your convenience and ask.