Dark patterns are the reason why you fall for forced continuity and head into manipulative marketing traps

Inspiring Instagrammers. Avant-garde political discourse. Dozens of free articles everyday on how to hack your life. The internet is full of bright ideas. But it also has dark underbellies that can corner you in ways you don’t realize until it’s too late, or spiral you down to unsolicited experiences. One such shady UI/UX manipulation technique…

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Connecting the dots for Salesforce Automation

Like any automation process, the most basic expectation from salesforce automation (SFA) tools is to improve efficiency and effectiveness of sales operations. Yet when you look closely, salesforce automations are usually a feature within your CRM or ERP tools to track and manage selling activities and reports, which is just not enough because not all…

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marketing skills

Are you hiring based on specific marketing skills?

Marketing is one function that is not confined to the marketing department alone. Nevertheless, depending on the kind of organization, you need specific marketing skills at every level. It becomes important to take a “horses for courses” approach to hiring the marketing personnel based on the targets you set. By mid-2017, 25% of marketing organizations…

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