Some people, companies and products grow and become influential brands within a short period of time, while others remain invisible to the public eye despite all their efforts. How do they do it with almost no money? Syncfluence shows why you don’t have to burn cash to become influential, and also makes you deeply introspective about whom to influence, when and how.

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Is your marketing in sync or sinking?

What is being in sync? Why do some individuals, corporations, institutions, consulting companies and startups succeed, while others fade away?

“Is your marketing in sync or sinking?” is a book that makes you deeply introspective about the marketing principles you are currently pursuing and check if you are really in sync with your organizational goals, customers and reality.

Yaagneshwaran Ganesh has based the book on many hours of research, discussions and interviews with successful industry practitioners, business leaders, academic experts, management gurus, consultants and more.

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How do you make sure that marketing activities in your organization are driven by purpose and produce desired results? One way to check the alignment between marketing operations and goals is to analyze the value that is finally derived.

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